Our laid back way

We at De Vette Mossel strive to offer much more than merely perfectly prepared seafood – this is an experience, in unusual and informal surroundings, where you relax with friends (old ones and newly found ones) where your time is your own and where you may eat as much as you like – just like we do along the West Coast.

The excellent preparation of top quality seafood, in abundance, and value for money, is our pride.

The different dishes are prepared and presented one after the other. We strive to prepare seafood perfectly, and to serve it immediately thereafter.
This guarantees freshly prepared seafood on the plate – an absolute must for exceptional seafood.


On arrival we welcome you with a complementary glass of good Cape wine. We do not have any bar facilities, not even cool drinks. Please bring along your own cool box with your own drinks (remember lots of ice and glasses) to enable you to sip of you own while watching the sun set in an orange fire ball over the Dome mountains. We do not charge any corkage fees which makes you meal extremely affordable. Make your own calculations!


The different dishes are presented to you one after the other. Relax, wind down – we eat nearly for three hours! And remember, we will never run out of anything – the worst that can happen is that it is on its way!

But please, do not expect hand-crafted crystal glasses, or fancy silver cutlery – you are on the beach, and we do it as we would on a camping excursion to the West Coast. If you do not think you’ll like it, or if you are of the opinion than you deserve more from life, you will most definitely be more at ease in an expensive French restaurant.

We donate all food that could not be finished (and there is normally a rather substantial amount left) to seriously needy families in the area. Nothing goes to waste here.

Our Locations

We have four De Vette Mossel Restaurants in South Africa. Please click on the relevant links to the right to visit each restaurants' website to make a booking.